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¡Las cuotas de afiliación!

¿Cómo obtengo mi clave?...¡tenemos llaves activadas ubicadas en una caja de seguridad listas para usar! Cuando recibamos los correos electrónicos indicando que se ha registrado y que se ha realizado su pago, le enviaremos un mensaje de texto con la combinación para ingresar a nuestra caja de seguridad y tomar su llave para que pueda comenzar a hacer ejercicio de inmediato.


If you are a new member or returning member who lost their key you will need a key to have access to the fitness center 24/7! Guest Passes: If you are signing up for a guest pass your key purchase is a deposit! Return your key after your last workout and you will receive a check in the mail!


Single: Pay As You Go

Setup for those who don't want a recurring payment. Your key will be activated for 1 month and simply pay for each month as you need it!


Single: Month to Month

Our most popular membership! This membership is a recurring payment but you can cancel anytime!


Single: 1-Year Contract

This is for those who would like to commit to at least a 1-year membership! After 1-year your commitment is month to month but you have the lower price! Call us to talk about our buy out option!


Guest Pass: Daily

For those who would like to work out for 1 day at a time!


Guest Pass: Weekly

If you're only in town for a week this is the option for you! When you choose this option also purchase a key, if we receive your key back after your last workout we will send you back your $20!


Couple: Month to Month

You're more likely to stick to it with a workout partner! For you and your spouse this is a great membership you can cancel anytime but it is a recurring payment so there's no hassle!


Couple: 1-Year Contract

Be members for an entire year! After your 1 year is up you enjoy the lower price level but simply move to a month to month commitment, perfect for those looking for long term benefits!


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